Why does my Windows Server turn off randomly Print

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Here we will discuss why your Windows server may be turning off randomly after a short time of inactivity. As we all know, Microsoft Windows will stay on as long as automatic updates are set to download only and there are no power outages. That being said, why is your Microsoft Windows server turning off after a short period of inactivity? Quite simply it has to do with the evaluation copy's expired license. There are two methods of preventing this from happening:

  • Acquire a full valid Windows Server license yourself or request a quote from our sales team


  • You can extend the Microsoft Windows Server Evaluation Copy license for an additional 6 months by running one command in the command prompt:

slmgr /rearm

Use of this command is at the discretion of Microsoft and we cannot guarantee it will always work


If you are still having issues after ensuring the Microsoft Windows Server license is valid, please contact our support via ticket and we will take a look.

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