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1. Navigate to client area and login with your credentials

2. Click Services and select the VPS you wish to install windows server on.

3. On the Side Panel, Select "Enduser Panel" to be sent to the VPS Panel.

4. On the VPS you wish to install, click the arrow on the right.

5. Click Settings and then select Settings again below.

6. Boot Order should be switched to 1) CD Drive 2)Hard Disk

7. Select ISO should be selected to ADMIN ISO "17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_en-us_1.iso"
8. ISO for secondary CDROM should be selected to "virtio-win.iso"

9. Click Submit and wait for the successful notice that will redirect you back to the Overview.
10. Reboot VPS and Click VNC and select Launch HTML 5 VNC Client

11. when prompted, press any key to boot from CD and wait for Files to Load.

12. Once at Windows Setup, select your preferences and click next.

13. Select Windows Server 2019 product standard evaluation (Desktop Experience) and click next.

14. Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

15. You will not see a disk, THIS IS NORMAL! Select Load driver

16. Select CD Drive (E:) virtio-win-0.1.185 and scroll down and select viostor, then 2k19, then amd64 and press ok.

17. Red Hat VirtIO SCSI controller should be shown in the install driver area. Click next and wait for it to install.

18. You should now see Drive 0 Unallocated Space

19. Click load driver again and select the same CD but scroll and select NetKVM, select 2k19 and select amd64 and press ok.

20. Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter should be shown in the install driver area. Click next and wait for it to install.

21. Click next and wait for windows to install. Process does take a few minutes.

22. Set a password for Administrator and click finish

23. Click the VNC arrow to the left of the screen and the A
24. Click the on-screen CTRL ALT and the 3 square buttons to get past unlock screen.
25. Login to the Administrator account
26. Wait for Server Manager to open and then select local server.
27. Select the option for Remote Desktop and change the option to "Allow remote connections to this computer" and press ok then Apply and ok.

You have completed installation of Windows Server 2019!

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