Important Announcement

  • Saturday, 1st October, 2022
  • 01:56am
<@&787374003735494656> | Advisory Notice In preparation for spinning down our single license cPanel service (due to yet another price increase by cPanel), Hosting Bot LLC has completed it's migration of it's websites and mail server off of cPanel and onto standalone individual servers. The migration of the main website and client portal has been completed by the development team and was completed a few weeks ago. It has now been thoroughly tested by the development team and I and is considered live. The migration of the mail server has been completed by me and is now considered live as well. Please notify us if you have any difficulties sending or receiving mail to a <@581235801900318741> address. While testing has indicated that everything is operating normally, we understand some might encounter issues that did not crop up during our internal tests. No action is required by you, the customers at this time. We thank you for your continued support! --Hosting Bot LLC Management--
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