Important Announcement

  • Friday, 26th August, 2022
  • 07:46am
We have a few announcements related to our operations in the coming month. First, we want to notify customers that the past maintenance on the power circuits were a success and we now how redundant power in the racks. We will be scheduling a maintenance window to perform failover testing on the virtual server nodes to ensure they remain online in the event of a power supply failure, power distribution unit failure or main circuit failure. Our initial testing onsite gave us good results but we want to ensure good working order. Second, an OUTAGE notification will be scheduled in the coming days/weeks as we are investing heavily into upgrading our network capacity. We are effectively doubling our current capacity and will be utilizing LAG/LACP for further redundancy. I suspect there will be a brief network outage while the LAG/LACP is being configured but it should be brief. We do not currently have a set in stone date for this yet, however we are at the installation prep stage now so I will give advance notice now and the scheduled outage notification when a date and time is set. Lastly, as almost all of you are aware, inflation is a big nasty bitch. At present, I am still against raising the prices of existing services. However, if energy prices continue to rise, we MAY be forced to increase prices. But, future forecasts indicates it is unlikely we will need to do so currently so enjoy! That is all, thank you to all of our customers for being wonderful and understanding! Our staff will continue our efforts to make this a Cheap and Reliable Hosting Experience for all!
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