Hello @Dallas Location,


Maintenance Notification:


Saturday - 4/2/2022

Start: 10AM CST

End: 6PM CST


Hosting Bot, LLC will be migrating  our current Dallas Infrastructure to a new and improved Rack, which will involve a full power cut of all devices, de-racking of all devices, moving to the new rack enclosure, racking of all devices including new additional network backbone devices, and re-powering/networking these devices. Your device will lose power or network at some point during the timeframe listed above. Please plan accordingly for this maintenance.


We understand that any downtime is detrimental to your businesses, and as a result, our staff is hard at work ensuring everything is coordinated with the data center, network equipment is pre-configured prior to deployment and all servers are gracefully powered off.



We will now be able to offer additional Colocation space and Dedicated Servers at 10Gbps. Additionally, our DDoS Protection is increasing Dallas wide at no additional cost to you.


Should you have questions or concerns, please submit a ticket and we will address them ASAP.


We appreciate your support and continued business, these upgrades to our internal infrastructure not only open the possibilities for us, but all of you as well!


Best Regards,

Tim Matthews, Chief Executive Officer

Hosting Bot Management | Hosting Bot, LLC

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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